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clive oxford 

A circuitous path to here -

In 1966 I watch Antonioni's Blow-Up (David Hemmings photographing Veruschka); that's what does it! I want to be David Bailey - I discover the magic in the darkroom at 18 - I go to art college, then advertising, editorial, and fashion photography - then lecture in fine art photography - I get lost in a desperate morass of music, recording, performance, self-portraiture; poor and disillusioned, I put away the cameras - family - I start first organic food shop and restaurant in south London - enter therapy - business fails - train as psychotherapist and, now, many years later, image making has become globally ubiquitous and one day I re-discover my love of the 'moment in time and place’ through the reworking of my images; an attempt to re-experience the ecstasy of that moment in its' printed form.

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