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David Collyer 

David Collyer is a documentary photographer and Operating Department Practitioner living in South Wales. Originally from Surrey, his introduction to photography came in the early 1980s shadowing the press photographers on the Surrey Advertiser where his father was editor. This experience taught him the technical basics, but also instilled a curiosity and an eye and ear for a story behind a photograph.

With the "All in a Day’s Work” book project he set out to examine the wave of eulogising NHS staff during the Covid-19 crisis, and show the real faces of those who put themselves in the firing line each clinical shift, rather than the overused and slightly uncomfortable term hero that has been so prevalent.

After closing his darkroom in 2008, David returned to shooting film three years ago, and now uses it for almost all of his project based work. The "All in a Day’s Work" book was shot entirely on an Olympus XA3 compact camera, and Kodak Tri-X film, the the photojournalist’s classic emulsion.

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