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covid-19 a chronicle


Two Operating Department Practitioners/photographers working at Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny, photograph behind the scenes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Behind the Mask by Glenn Dene


Nestled in the quiet town of Abergavenny sits Nevill Hall Hospital. This is the story of how its decimated team of professional staff, with their eight-bed Intensive Therapy Unity and a posse of willing recruits, faced up to the challenge of COVID-19. Photographs by Operating Department Practioner Glenn Dene. Glenn’s book celebrates the remarkable team that came together to serve their community, from professional challenges to personal fears, all is revealed by those who donned their masks to help.

All in a Day's Work by David Collyer


"All in a Day’s Work” book project he set out to examine the wave of eulogising NHS staff during the Covid-19 crisis, and show the real faces of those who put themselves in the firing line each clinical shift, rather than the overused and slightly uncomfortable term hero that has been so prevalent.

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