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By Veronika Lavey


Veronika Lavey is a fine art photographer whose work illuminates shared emotional experiences in people.


After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus on Creative Writing and Literature, Veronika discovered the art of visual storytelling in which she now explores themes universal to those trying to find their fit in the world.


She believes we all need stories because their power can help us find a narrative we're all connected to; the very ones we are naturally wired to listen to, the ones that make us feel united in our pain, our hopes, our journey of life.


As a self-portrait artist, Veronika photographs herself and becomes either an autobiographical or a theatrical character inspired by the desire to create a connection and a sense belonging for those who need it.


Symbolism is abundant in Veronika’s work giving clues to what direction to take with each piece, although she likes to leave much of the meaning open for interpretation.


She often offers a more immersive experience to the viewer by pairing the image with music, sound effects, poetry or a short story.


Veronika’s wish, with her surreal and thought provoking images, is to make people feel like they are not alone.

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