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Veronika Lavey 

I'm Veronika, a fine art photographer and digital artist.

I am completely self-taught, though with a university degree in creative writing and literature. Through my years of reading and analysing, I have acquired a deep love for stories. Later, I found the medium of photography where I'm able to create character and layer each piece with meaning,  continuing on that creative but now visual storytelling path. I feel very lucky to be able to have this outlet where the imagination truly is the limit. Digital manipulation helps me bring my concepts, my fantasies into a finished piece of art.

My work has been described by many as such: mysterious, strange, magical, dark, surreal, creepy, fairy-tale-like, truthful. I'm happy with all and induce aspects of this little list of adjectives into everything I create. 

My deepest desire is for my work to connect with people; people who can relate; people who need to see my art just at that right moment, when they need to see beauty in a temporary darkness in their own lives.

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