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By David Rich


A collection of photos taken over a period of my life. 


Recently I’ve enjoyed visiting places with camera in tow. Some familiar, that I’ve known since childhood and others further afield that I may not get the opportunity to visit again. 


Taking photos encourages me to appreciate these places, to grasp their nature, to savour their flavour and to begin to understand the sum of parts that make them so memorable. 


My job, as a landscape designer, has influenced my perception of place. Why it feels a certain way and how I can recreate or reimagine it. Taking photos is very much an extension of this. 


Although I bought the camera and visited these places on my own two feet, I believe the emotion driving me to take photos is thanks to my grandfather Ray Rich. I’m often stopped and told what a lovely man he was and that he “took our wedding photos”. I’m proud to carry his middle name and love of photos.

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