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This collection of photos from Geraldine Charity is presented in two sections. The first section covers several decades, showing her life before contracting multiple sclerosis, when all the world was available to her. It is full of family, friends and neighbours, with photos taken across the UK and beyond, at home and on holiday.  


Some of the people in the first section, notably her children Billie and Stan, reappear in the second section. But otherwise the second section shows a different world, with all the photos taken from her bed in the few years since she became unable to physically move beyond her bedroom.


Even as her physical world has shrunk, technology has expanded it. Her iPad has provided a way to continue with her photography and keep her creativity alive, focussing in on colourful details that would otherwise be missed, if moving around was still an option. At the same time, Instagram has brought new places and new people into her room.  


Since COVID-19 appeared, we have all had to adapt to a world which is much harder to move around in. We’re all hyper-aware of our local environments now, and we’re learning to rely much more heavily on technology, zooming around virtually instead of transporting our bodies. Geraldine has already been in this situation for several years. These photos prove that it’s possible to take extraordinary journeys even when your world is a single room. 

My Shrinking World by Geraldine Charity

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